HRS Miniature Series


Push pull fixed sodket HRS miniature version

Push pull fixed sodket HRS miniature version


Small size – high density
Simple push-in/ pull-out mating / un-mating
Polarized for correct insertion by a straight push-in movement
Built-in lock release mechanism securely locks mated connectors while allowing quick disconnection by simply pulling on the plug release collar.
Several mounting number of positions, styles
Number of positions : 4, 6,7,8,10,12
Connectors :Plugs, jacks, receptacles
Terminaltion: Solder contact
Metal shells
Secure lock between the metal shells provides excellent ground connection required in applications requiring EMI protection
CCD cameras, measuring instruments, entertainment centers, medical equipment and other applications requiring use of reliable
small circular connectors.
Current rating: 1A
Voltage rating: 30 V AC, 42 V DC
Operating temperature range: -25c to +85c
Insulation resistance:1,000 Mo min.  100 V DC
Contact resistance: 30 mo max. 1 A DC
● Durability: Contact resistance: 50 mo max.
Vibration: No electrical discontinuity of 10 μs or longer no damage, cracks or parts dislocation.

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