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Application of circular push pull self-locking connector

Connectors are widely used in many areas around us.And for the people in electronics market, the connector is no stranger.It is a small parts with very simple function.But it acts as an important bridge of connecting in various fields. it is this kind of humble parts that reflect its particularity.More or less,connectors can be used in almost all of the electronic field.

Then we will summarize the applicationof circular push-pull self-locking connector, which is the main products of Shenzhen XXX Electronics:

1.Medical Equipment.

Looking around, we can easily find in somemedical market in the country, such as medical equipment, beauty equipment, manyof them use a lot of circular push-pull self-locking connector, some are metal type, some are plastic type. The medical industry is closely related to our health. And the connectors play a significant role in these devices. For example, when the circuit is suddenly blocked, itcan easily cause some serious accidents. If the connector was used, it is easy to check out the fault point, and repair thecircuit immediately. At the same time, connector can also solve the complex wiring problems, and facilitate the use of health care workers. So that it not only improve the efficiency of health care workers, but also the security of medical equipment has also been further improved.

2.Video Equipment

In the film industry, circular push-pull self-locking connector also plays a very important role. First of all, there is a very big advantage for our circular push-pull self-locking connector in the transmission of audio and video signals. Such as transmission speed, low loss. Second, the structure of the push-pull self-locking here also completely reflects its superiority to other connectors. Since the advent ofpush-pull self-locking connector, it is famous as its simple and quick way to plug. It can effectively resistant to vibration, impact, and effectively prevent the occurrence of detachment due to pulling the cable. It is absolutely safe and reliable. Easy to pull and easy to pushbut difficult to drop out. This kind the safety performance, effectively prevent the working camera and working projector missing data.

Regarding the push - pull self-locking structure, you can refer to the article "self-locking system analysis" on the official website of XXX electronic. There is detailed graphical analysis.)

3. Testing Equipment

circular push-pull self-locking connectoris also used in Non-destructive testing instrument, hardness tester, vibration meter and flow meter.

In addition to the above three aspects, as well as aerospace, instrumentation, military equipment, etc., the connector in which the value is also incalculable.

In the new trend of development, the rise of new energy, also lead to the rapid development of connector industry. For example, new energy vehicles, solar lights, wind power and so on.

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